Aidpresso Capsules

Every time you purchase our AIDPRESSO Compostable Capsules
you’ll be making a fair choice.

Coffee is the world’s second commodity, meaning that millions of people across the world indulge themselves in a morning brewed coffee cup. However, we may not be aware of the environmental waste we generate anytime we pour discarded brewed coffee down the drain. Moreover, 'coffee capsules', the trendy alternative which has revolutionised coffee markets and consumers,  are mostly made of aluminium, a non-renewable material which ends up in landfills adding to environmental waste and pollution.

That is why we have moved a step ahead in order to 'aid' our planet earth by introducing the AIDPRESSO compostable capsules. These capsules are made not only from biodegradable but also compostable materials! Biodegradable materials can disintegrate and return to nature, reducing waste pileup and thus contributing to a healthier environment and compostable materials work in a very similar way with the added benefit that once they’ve broken down, they provide earth with nutrients, improving soils! We can’t think of a better way of drinking coffee responsibly! 

Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable sources such as cornstarch, sugar cane, beet or wood pulp, our AIDPRESSO capsules will guarantee a fair, sustainable and eco-friendly choice!

Let’s wake up and smell AIDPRESSO, a coffee which will contribute to a safer environment and the improvement of coffee farmers livelihoods!