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about us

AIDPRESSO is one of GIVEAFEW’s initiatives in order to help South American coffee farmers’ thrive. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to enhance coffee and cocoa farm communities by providing them with the essential tools to foster their own sustainable development and improve their livelihoods in a safe environment, especially family farmers who are undergoing hardships or lack the resources. 

AIDPRESSO provides farmers, across the vast South American coffee growing areas, with the tools, knowledge and skills which will promote proper sustainable farming practices as well as access to better incomes which will in turn improve farmers’ livelihoods. Moreover, amongst the farm communities we aim to help, we will promote Venezuelan coffee all over the world so that roasters, baristas and consumers will have the opportunity to try a premium coffee which is 100% organic, sustainable, from the farmer to the customer and environment-friendly above all. ​